hand binding a quilt

Unexpected benefit of blogging: it’s easy to compile links to all your favorite resources in one place so you can find them again! These are my go-to resources for quilt binding techniques.

Hand Finished Binding

If you are planning on submitting a quilt to a show, it’s good to know what the judges look for in your binding. A hand-finished binding is definitely the preferred method. I tend to use Elizabeth Hartman’s book when I want to use this method. She has great instructions and photos.

Machine Binding

Some quilts are not going to be hanging on a wall as a work of art, they are going to be used on a bed or as a throw. A machine binding works great because it’s faster and easier to create.

Special Binding Techniques

Some quilts call for special techniques, such as binding around hexagons. Other times you need a simple technique for small projects.

2 thoughts on “Binding”

    • Great question! Machine binding is faster and easier, but the line of stitching is visible on the quilt top. There’s some quilts where that’s fine, and others, like the hedgehog example photo where I think the line of stitching would disrupt the quilting. So it depends on the quilt.

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