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June MQG Block of the Month

June MQG Block of the Month

For June, the theme for the month is Complementary Colors. These are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Some common pairings are:

  • blue and orange
  • yellow and violet
  • green and red
Such bright contrast!

There is nothing subtle about these pairings! In full color they can be hard to look at. In the design world, using these colors next to each other make things very difficult to read.

AHHH, are your eyes bleeding yet? I had to make this graphic small, full size was too much!

For many of the previous months, the design of the block was fairly simple, there were enough colors to fall into an easy pattern. I was looking at doing the same with a mix of shades or tints of the two colors. But then I thought, let’s show the eye-bleeding power of complementary colors, let’s go all-in with jarring contrast. I give you the Stop-Go block:

Maybe instead of Stop Go Block, it should be “Make it Stop Block!”

Yes, it’s also Christmas colors, but we typically add a lot of white when using red and green together in a Christmas fabric. Instead, this is putting the green and red in direct contact, which makes it a little hard to look at. I was getting a little eyestrain when laying out the block. Update: I had a serious headache stitching this block, such is the power of COLOR! 

You can read more about the June block of the month at the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild blog.

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April and May BMQG Block of the Month

April and May BMQG Block of the Month

I realized a had a few months of my guild’s block of the month that I need to update. April’s Block was the 6 ‘rainbow’ colors, the primaries and secondaries: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. 

April BOM – Rainbow!

May’s Block is using the 6 ‘other’ colors. When I first made the April rainbow block, I thought that it was my favorite block so far, but now I love the May block even more.

May BOM – the other rainbow!

What was interesting to me is to compare the 6 rainbow colors to the remaining 6 color wheel colors.

I feel like the rainbow colors are in the major key in music and the ‘other’ 6 are in the minor key. It just seems like these would evoke similar emotions. Major is bright and cheerful, minor is deeper and more reflective. 

I did a quick search online to see if anyone else ever thought of colors in relation to music, but didn’t find anything describing the minor/major keys. Others have assigned certain colors to certain keys or certain notes, but more with the concept of the note scale equating to the color wheel. 

Vox created a video about Jazz improv and the circle of fifths, which they showed as a ‘color wheel of music’.

I found some other references to a music scale corresponding to a note scale, but nothing like the major/minor keys like I was thinking.  Of course, I know almost nothing about music theory or color theory!

You can read more about the April and May blocks of the month at the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild blog. 



Project Kick Off: 

Next, I need to find the post for June’s block and complete it too! 

Hedgehog Progress

Hedgehog Progress

I absolutely love Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns! They perfectly fit my preferred style of sewing: beautiful, complicated, but not too fiddly with special techniques.

So many pieces!

But, so many pieces! This is 185 pieces right here. Which doesn’t seem possible, but I counted twice. Unlike the unicorn pillows, I labeled the piles which made a huge difference when finding the right pieces to sew. Label your piles!

The sew up took a few sessions, but was fairly straightforward. I felt that I could have done a little better on the match-ups to keep everything perfectly accurate, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Faces complete and ready for spines

I’m working on this project as part of the UFO Challenge for the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild. This project has been in the works for years and the fabric is at least 2 to 3 years old. I’m making this for a specific purpose to decorate the house. I’ll show pictures soon of the spot it’s going to live in.