Hazel Hedgehog

Some projects are years in the making. When we bought a new dresser over a decade ago, I said I would make a quilt for it. I wanted something beautiful and decorative and homemade to sit on this beautiful dresser. We put an old woven rug on the dresser until I made the quilt.

The rug sat there for years. Then we repainted and I swore I would make a quilt. Instead of the rug (which was full of dust and falling apart) we put a towel on the dresser. I said I wouldn’t take the towel off until I made a quilt. I bought the fabric and selected a pattern to use. And three years went by!

I recently joined our local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild and we are running a year long project to finish our UFOs – Unfinished Objects. Finally, I had the motivation and deadline to finish start the quilt!

Finished Hazels all in a row.

I am so happy with the result. It makes me smile every time I see it. My husband and I are fond of art with animals. Our house is filled with paintings of birds and cats, fish and more cats. The cute modern hedgehogs fit right in!

Finished Binding

Pattern Review

The pattern is by Elizabeth Harman and it’s called Hazel Hedgehog (1). There’s also a Hazel Hedgehog 2 that is a bigger version of the pattern.

This is my second time using Elizabeth’s patterns and I just love them. The design is modern and fresh, and the animals seem to come to life as you finish the blocks. The pattern is very clear and easy to follow. It’s a measure and cut pattern, no templates or special rulers needed, which I like. The biggest piece of advice is to label your pieces!

So Many Pieces!

It’s a huge time saver. On the first quilt I make of Elizabeth’s, I just stacked up the blocks in order and thought that would be enough. It wasn’t, I had to re-measure every piece as I worked through the quilt and it slowed my progress significantly. Label your pieces! 🙂

You can find the PDF pattern on Elizabeth’s shop here: Patterns by Elizabeth Harman.

If you like paper patterns, you can find it online or perhaps at your local quilt shop. I found it online at The Confident Stitch. (affiliate link)

One thing I find with patterns is that I never make the quilt that they design! 🙂 I always take the block and then re-design the quilt to fit in with my intended purpose. I absolutely love Elizabeth’s designs, but when it comes to making a quilt, I have to make it mine. I think one reason why is that it’s difficult to find the same fabrics and colors.

What do you do when you buy a pattern? Do you make it as designed, trying to find the same fabrics and colors? Do you make it using the same overall design, but using your own colors? Or do you use the pattern as a springboard for your own design.


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